How to prepare apartment for renting

Having properties which are not used 12 months a year make some people consider to rent their houses or apartments. And of course while renting owners would like:

  1. to be sure that their property is taken care well. To protect yourself somehow from material damage you can put a detailed conditions and consequences in the contract but this will not prevent the hairs left in the bath, shutting doors, swinging on the chairs and other actions of careless attitude to your house.
  2. that those who are renting the place really enjoying their stay and feeling comfortable there. Kind of win-win attitude which by the finishing fulfill people with pleasant feeling of self satisfaction from doing good things for others. It satisfies to certain extent the need to help others and such non material attitude generate positive energy for both sides.

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Professional organization of houses

Professional organizing is a relatively new service which appeared as a result of excessive consumption. Today a lot of houses cluttered with different staff and it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to handle with the abundance of consumption Read more…

“Simplicity is not a simple thing”

There were quite big changes in my life in the last period which challenged my minimalistic approach. And that was the reason why I did not wright for so long. All the time I tried to structure my own thoughts and ask myself: what is important and what is not, how to organize, what works and what doesn’t, what is right and what is wrong, what do I want, need and what do I miss. Read more

What totalitarianism and democracy have in common?

Already for a few years I’m paying attention to surrounding. When we go out of home we face information flow everywhere. When we are walking along the street, when we take public transport, in the shopping centers, in most of restaurant chains, in medical centers, in fitness clubs.. Producers don’t leave us alone with our own thoughts even in salons where we would like to relax. Bright colors, TVs, advertising, idle talks take our attention against our will. – Read more>

Important thing which we always forget in a relationship

I guess you’ve ever heard about “start, stop, continue” technique in management. It’s very simple method which describe itself by its name. It facilitates the discussion aiming to get feedback, checkpoints and learn some lessons. Most of us get used to pull it out of our toolboxes mainly at work. But we underestimate the value of “start, stop, continue” technique in a private life. Read more

Books for parents: which one to trust?

These days rhythm of life, ambitions, competition push us to aim to grow up obedient super hero. And this desire is very logical. Firstly it’s natural aspiration to give our kids opportunity to be competitive in the school, in the Read more…

Why sometimes as parents we feel guilty?

I was sitting on the beach glancing from the distance at my sun swinging with grandma and grandpa and observed young mommy who was sloping about her baby. At that 5 minutes being without my son I felt heavily how Read more…

4 simple bits of advice which will make your training more effective

I’ve already mentioned that we can get kicks from sport. In this post I would like to focus on effectiveness as one of conditions of enjoying sport is to see progress and only effective trainings lead to progress 🙂 4 Read more…

Why to say NO to junk food?

Those who never was attracted by nicely packed junk food are lucky people. Scientists made comparisons of dependency on junk food with drug addiction. In 2010 in Florida research institute scientists divided rats in three groups. They were continuing to Read more…

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