Many of us tend to get married . We leave questions like “For what?”, “With whom?” with vague answers deep in our bones. Society oblige us to have a family. Especially it affects women but men are also influenced by the social imperative.

And thus seekers and those who just came across getting married. Wedding, honeymoon and .. daily routine.

In everyday life we may get tired, have difficulties or experience something very important but we feel stress anyway. There are relationships itself with a lot of emotions and events on top of these. And all of that we have to share with our partner.

Very often happens that eagerly wishing to get married we are not ready to face reality. Usually disappointment, emotional fall and arguments are coming after few months. Different scenarios are possible further. And also modern culture tells us that divorce is a norm. Society of consumption has its own interests. It’s more difficult to guide happy people. It means that they are less interesting as a consumers.

What gives us the feeling of happiness?

Daily experience. And these experience is different every day but more important is our interpretation, the picture which is in our consciousness.

Just recently I was lucky to assume one more role. Role of a godmother. After the ceremony priest said a few parting words: “The person can become true Christian only in the family.. What happens after marriage? The person makes the way toward God through another person”.

It means that sharing marry and sad moments, arguments and conflicts with the partner changes us. Just in everyday life partner uncovers for us our downsides and helps us to change it.

“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I’m when I’m with you. I love you not only for what you’ve made of yourself, but for what you are making of me..” Roy Croft

Daily routine becomes not a routine anymore if to look at the family life through the lens of constant self-improvement. We become better not only by managing our downsides but also partner brings an inspiration and confidence.

All is possible when we leave pretensions to aeriform equality and egoism aside. Each partner has its own role: husband should be head of the family and wife should be wife.. which does not mean despotism among guys and housekeeping for girls. The meaning of the words is describing personal relationship between partners in which woman means wise and silence and man means hope and backbone.

Such simple roles assignment is natural and that’s why it’s leading to harmony, mutual understanding and support.

Value each moment and live conscious!


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