I like to fall asleep and wake up with the feeling of satisfaction. To feel satisfied with the day in the evenings and to feel excited by the day which is ahead in the mornings.

Obviously it’s not happening every day. We have a lot of worries and stresses in our lives. Nevertheless quality of our life is better when we feel satisfied more often and thus we ready to call it happiness.

How to achieve permanent feeling of life satisfaction?

  • to change external circumstances
  • to change our perception and behaviour in current circumstances

Wealth, status and power are symbols of happiness today but different researches show lack of correlation between these attributes and feeling of happiness.

We are trying to find happiness in pleasures: getting more food, rest, sex. Satisfaction of these needs gives us opportunity to think clearly not worrying about basic needs as well as sleep. However to feel true deep satisfaction we should do something more than just satisfying natural needs.

Today we have a lot of opportunities for passive rest: games consoles, computers, TVs, expensive toys. But there are no evidence that we are much happier than our ancestries few ages ago. Such toys have side effects. They give us feel of satisfaction at the moment and later on we feel again bad or guilty. For example playing console we might feel fun and involvement in the game but soon we feel guilty that lost so much time instead of spending it with family or real friends.

The author of flow theoryMihaly Csikszentmihalyi highlighted special conditions for satisfaction feeling. His ten years research covers thousands of respondents which name the same things making them feel permanent satisfaction:

  • clear consciousness
  • activity which demand high attention concentration
  • the activity / aim should be challenging enough
  • the challenges should be adequate to current skills
  • the activity should bring / open something new

Fulfilling mentioned conditions lead to the “flow”. It is the condition of deep concentration, control and satisfaction in which you loose feeling of time.

That means that process of exploring with full dedication brings us the most pleasure.

These rules are easy to implement in professional life. The main thing is to understand what is essential and to have an opportunity to reject from meaningless operations. According to such approach multitasking is not the key to success but it’s rather source of stresses.

It’s also possible to apply mentioned rules in private and family life. It needs just full concentration on anything you do. Either you are making porridge for the whole family, or playing with kids, or cleaning house. If we focus fully on the process we derive much more pleasure from it.

Playing with kids is incredible joy which reveals a lot of new things: new emotions of a child, new skills, opportunity to show the baby a lot of interesting scenes and to see the joy in his eyes from learning something new. But all these you can notice only if you fully engaged with the process.

Process of cleaning becomes a breath of fresh air if to put enthusiasm in it and if your home is free from trucks. Some hints how to organize home staff and make weekly cleaning easier I give in the post “How to put things in order and create harmony around”.

The formula of satisfaction is easy. We feel more satisfied from each day if we fully engaged with what we do at the time and if we choose the things to do consciously.

I wish everybody to fall asleep with the feeling of pleasurable tiredness and completeness of every day. Every day completeness of emotions, actions, thoughts and useful information.


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