We always aspire to grow up. Initially we are rushing to go to school from kindergarten, then to become senior, then to become students and then to start professional experience..

Like a kid rushing to unexplored places at the house we are rushing to unknown future. We all are driven by desire to learn.

Nature gifts kids with the enormous desire to learn. Such desire is the driving force for incredible development progress during childhood.

On top of that learning by itself is a source of deriving enjoyment which leads to the feeling of satisfaction.

Maybe because first years of our life are full of moments of pleasurable explorations we tend to recall this time with a nostalgia later on.

During first years of life kids are perpetual motion of learning everything what is new. They learn new movements, new words every day. We can see that kids are fully concentrated on the process when they try to learn and polish new skills. It tells about their enjoyment. Each moment like that develop kids personality.

In its turn society have created social institutions. Kindergartens, schools, universities, etc.

There are kids with the desire to learn and there are social institutions supposed to satisfy the requirement. Looks like an ideal scheme for development.

But today we get used to milk everything. That’s why institutions satisfy the desire to learn in a deform way. They slake that inherent love to learn.

Term “forwardness” became extremely popular. I found more than 10 early childhood development centers near my house.

It means that today we have too many requirements to our kids. And the process which initially was suggested as an enjoyment becomes an enforcement and disappointment sometimes.

I don’t have anything against early childhood development centers. Just we should not be too much demanding of our kids. Each child is unique and has it’s own gifts. Everything has it’s own time.

In my view secret of growing happy and independent person is simple. We need just to protect, cherish and grow kids instinct to learn and to surround kids with an atmosphere of unconditional love.

Childhood is a truly happy moments. Respect and take care of your kids childhood!

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