Last period I rarely visit shopping malls and even if I go (or to be precise I run through) then I know exactly what I need and where to take it.

Recently I’ve met with my girlfriend in shopping center. Just because it was convenient there. I arrived earlier and was passing by shops slowly. At that moment I felt detachment. Bright and rich shop windows and goods shown in the best light were not attractive for me. Initially I thought that something is wrong with me. Trying to analyze what had changed I guessed that consumption substituted deep emotions which  I was missing before meeting my partner and delivering baby.

For what we buy odd pair of jeans or new phone? When our wardrobe is full of staff and current phone is working and looks ok..

Advertising milk our passions, wishes, ambitions. We want to look good in comparison with others in society. It leads to swimmers body illusion when we confuse selection factor with result. That’s why very often we turn back home with a bunch of staff trying to justify for ourself why we bought it.

Maybe it happens because we don’t know the need of ourself? That’s why goods are so valuable for us. That’s why we go to shop with such enthusiasm trying to find the feeling of satisfaction.

Like our body is trying to cheat itself with food. When body needs certain elements it gives us signal to eat simple stimulators like sugar, coffee, alcohol, smoke products. And we do the same with consumption buying odd clothes, pieces of furniture. We try to substitute deep emotions with all these.

And the problem is that we don’t realize very often the real cause and the necessity to find alternative source of need satisfaction.

The same algorithm will work with the consumption. We should realize what drive us: real need or lack of something different. In case of the last option we should think if we move in the right direction. Does this direction correlates with our values and priorities? And before to buy something ask yourself one more time “Do I need THIS thing?”

When we feel satisfaction and completeness of life we are indifferent to consumption.

Value moments but not goods!


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