A lot of parents notice that quantity of toys of their lovely kid growing geometrically. Grandparents visits, presents from friends, celebrations, birthdays, name days. All these create universe of toys. Parents also rarely contain themselves not to buy something for the child when they are in the shop.

Such amount of toys creates mess in the house and scares not only parents but kids as well.

Kids psychology is unstable. It is difficult for them to feel confident with the skit of things in unbounded space. That’s why very often we see the situation when kids throw about all the toys but not focusing on them. It is like in the toys shop. The choice makes you dizzy and you don’t know what you really want. As a result child laugh on the wrong side of mouth and waiting for entertainment from parents.

We also we running into the same issue with our son. Though everything was always organized and toys were gathered in a big box and most popular were staying on the floor, our son needed help to find something interesting for him at the moment and still some toys he managed to through about.

We found a way to overcome it with the help of Montessori philosophy. The main principle of which is “Help me to do it myself!”

To introduce this principle in our life we did following:

  • minimized quantity of toys. Just 5-6 pieces are in the main player space (tips how to choose toys I will share in the following post); We placed them on the small open shelves to make it easy for kid to access it. Shelves are simple and good way for storage toys because all of them are visible there, toys have their place and for child is easy to learn to keep order.
  •  minimized any kind of game staff. If there is a Lego we left just 5 pieces and etc. If there are grains we give also just a few to play with. That is also help to focus on the process.
  • placed not painted small table and chair in the player space. Paintings on the furniture may distract kids during the game process on it.
  • dedicated napkins, flatwares, plates, cups from metal and glass. Everything is like we use but smaller version for kids convenience. Our son have started to sit down at his table and eat.
  • allowed our one year old son to do some household staff like cleaning his table, sweep and mop the floor. For this aim we bought him separate accessories.
  • set up rules. There are no strict taboos but logical algorithms of behavior. For example: we are cooking in the kitchen and this means that with pots we can play there, in bathroom we can play with water, dirty trolley he should not just touch but he can wash it. Of course such rules are not making mothers lives easier but they help kids to feel confident, orient in the space and evolve motor skills which helps in the future with mathematical skills!

Order and logic at home help kids to calm down and manage chaos of emotions. These allows them to focus on the key thing at the age. To focus on exploring the world!

For us such approach was a real catch. Of course I realize that order and parents love will be challenged many times. And shelves with minimum toys also might be destroyed. But love is unconditional… And order we will maintain 🙂

For kids is also not easy to live in the age of consumption. Choose toys consciously and organize player space for your kids in a simple way.

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