Have you ever analyzed your leisure time?

How much free time do you have? How do you spend it? Do you feel relaxed after weekend? Why?

Let’s start with our free time.

Most of us will tell that they don’t have free time. Today extreme busyness is cultivated. Interesting enough that people tend to underestimate or overestimate the things depending on social attitudes and emotions which they experience during the process.

For example if person needs to handle hundred of emails and this person prefers more dynamic job connected with communications then his perception of time spent on it more likely will be overestimated.

Also in the age of technologies we feel extreme busyness as we are always available for everybody over the phone or internet.

Competition as well push us to overestimate the real time needed for work.

Laura Vanderkam introduces new planning pattern in her book “168 hours: You have more time than you think”. Sometimes it’s really difficult to manage all the issues during one day. But every person has 168 hours per week which is sufficient to manage everything what is important. The main trick is to decide about your own priorities.

That’s why if you don’t have time during the whole week for some activities it doesn’t mean that you don’t have enough time. Simply these activities are not prioritized for you.

So mathematical moment. If we dedicate 8 hours per day for sleep we have still 112 hours of keeping awake. Let’s calculate general working day as 8 hours + 2 hours for traveling. 62 hours left as free time! Not a little… It’s more than enough to devote it  to family and private life, to health and body. If to dedicate 4 hours per week for physical exercises there are 58 hours left!

Of course some time we spend on household and hygienic activities but the main part of the pie is up to us how to use it. And from routine activities we also should learn how to derive pleasure. Small nice rituals can help with it.

Do you feel 62 hours of free time?

Leisure is a relaxing pause between working practice. But a lot of people have a feeling that they just waste time and they don’t even know on what.

Modern leisure boil down mainly to passive absorbing of information. Television, internet, computer games, social networks take our hours.

We think that we relax in front of TV after hard working day. But in fact we don’t feel relaxed. It happens because in our conscious there is a mess of different stories, sounds, blinking pictures. We don’t use our skills and don’t challenge ourself. Our brain doesn’t make decisions and doesn’t create anything. Thus leisure time result in boring waste of time which we don’t control anymore.

We feel pleasurable satisfaction the most when we can learn and create something. We can feel it when our consciousness is involved. More detail information about that you can find here.

Consider this. Maybe it’s real to find time for your private and professional development during 168 hours? Maybe there is a time to read books for your kids? To improve your physical shape? To improve relationship with your partner exploring new sides of each other and stop to discuss only kids and household needs?

Plan and prioritize consciously!

And how do you feel now after weekend? 🙂

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