Are you tired from constant looking of everything? Spending second, third time money for things which you just can’t find at home? Worry? Be late for important meetings? Miss opportunities?

The key to solve such problem is easy. You need to learn how to organize space around.

Order saves our time and efforts to remember where is what. It means that you will not have anymore look for something, be in harry, miss the things.. Order at home will be material and psychological defense after intensive day of 21st century.

There are some advises how to organize home and create inner harmony:

  1. It’s good to start with decluttering. Staff which we don’t use takes our time and energy (needless to say about space). Bunch of staff put us off the main things and prevent our progressive motion. That’s why all what we don’t use we should recycle: give to somebody, donate or throw away. Marie Kondo describe in her book great principle for deciding to keep or to throw away the thing: “Does this thing make me feel joy?”. Ask yourself when you take each thing in your hands.
  2. To decide where to store the things which were left. It’s convenient to divide them in categories. Place categories at the spot where they will be used or the closest to it. Don’t put things from the same category in different places (as at the end it will confuse again, but our aim is convenience and quickness to use).
  3. The most efficient way to organize house is to do it at once. If house is big or there are too many things that it’s impossible to manage during one weekend then comprehensive plan should be evolved and you should be ambitious and consistent in its execution. As results visibility gives energy to continue and maintain an order. If to dilly-dally decluttering, categorization and allocation then you will mess created order and logic in one of zones.
  4. Make your home comfortable. Change all the small things which poison your life with inconvenience such as broken taps, comfortless door-handle etc.
  5. Use best things every day and not wait for special occasion. For example how often do you use your favorite china cups and saucers? Such small things helps to turn routine into special and enjoyable moments every day.
  6. Maintain order all the time. In fact it’s very easy! You just need to put every thing on its place after you finish to use it. Moreover I always strip bags and luggages when turn back home. It does not take too much time and everything always on its places and there are no irritation around. Small and popular tip how to store the things (either cloth, books or documents) to make it easy to take them and put them back is to place the things vertically. Placing this way guarantees you order all the time.

Don’t forget that we are vessel and not a content!

“After we release from unnecessary things we will have opportunity to become those who we really want to be”. Dominique Loreau.

And let’s start to fill our vessel with the big stones and not with the sand like in paroemia about full vessel.


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