Already for some period there are ongoing debates about benefits and dangers of social networks. Both points have sufficient amount of arguments.

To write this post I was inspired by following picture which I observed recently: mother and son walked along the street (probably from school or kindergarten), son was driving scooter slowly and talking to mom passionately about something trying to look into her face. Mom’s face was so far away in the phone that seemed that she did not see him and did not hear as well.

I felt sadness at the moment.. Probably in a few years that mom will be interested to know details of her son life but will be too late. All the questions then will be followed by one-word answer and the most secret things will be shared with those who are hearing.

And there are a lot of such situations: couple on a date where each of them in their own phones, family dinner, meeting of friends..

We substitute our real life with the small screen, beautiful pictures of strangers life.

Endrew Keen in his book “Digital vertigo” use the term voyeurism.

“New social world is a place where everyone is watching everyone else. We are all Big Brother and we are all objects of Big Brother.” Andrew Keen

The true is that voyeurism is a deviation…

We get used to share via networks everything: what we watch, what we read, what we buy.

We try to post on social networks what is happening at the moment instantly: sunset, food, show. We don’t have time to enjoy it ourself as we are busy with applying filters for photos and tracking “friends” reaction. Friends who are looking at photos and compare their not ideal life with ideal pictures.

You will not turn back time which was wasted and relationships with kids, partner, family, real friends needs investment. It needs love, caring, attention.

Let’s invest in what is really matter for each of us. This world has so many colours which non of screens will be able to reproduce even those with the best screen resolution. And who if not us will show it to kids.


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