Our life is full of small daily rituals. Some of them we have since childhood as washing face and cleaning teeth in the morning, relaxing shower in the evening, big family meetings on Sundays, traditional dishes, celebrations and a lot of other things.

Kids learning and following rituals with pleasure. For them it’s natural process which helps to organize the day, feel comfortable and calm and also adjust smoothly to changes.

Rhythm of life gathers its pace. Demands, worries and expectations are also growing. That’s why we as an adults very often forget to enjoy small things during daily fuss.

In the morning we usually reset an alarm for 5 min later and then 5 min more and more.. At the end we dress up, run to the car or to the metro and we are feeling constant stress because we may be late. Such beginning of the day create fussy atmosphere for the whole day.

What if to dedicate a bit of time and attention to simple rituals:

  1. Wake up a bit earlier, dress up and have breakfast with family. It will create mood for every family member for the whole day.
  2. Find 15 min during the day to read favorite book or article. Everybody can afford such luxury! It’s great opportunity for relief and inspiration for further actions.
  3. To share emotions and events of the day with family at dinner table. It will provide far better emotional release rather than TV programs or social networks.
  4. To find time for partner in the evening after putting kids to bed. For this point everybody has its own fantasy:)
  5. To include physical exercises in the day schedule. You can do it in the morning, during lunch time or in the evening. The most important is to fine-tune it with your own schedule and then you will feel energy all the time.

Small hygienic and household rituals may bring a lot of positive emotions. Don’t miss it and create your own rituals!

And how do you start your morning?


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