Nature gave us opportunity to see, hear, feel, taste, smell, exercise.

When we look at a taster, musician, fine art expert who is able to talk hours about Van Gogh painting “Vase with Red Poppies”, at sportsman we can notice how fascinated they are about process and how much pleasure it gives to them.

To evolve our own five senses to be master in all disciplines is impossible for one person. But everybody can be a dilettant (in good sense of this word) by evolving five senses to the extent to enjoy each activity which the body do.

Eastern philosophies teach to live with mental clarity by which they mean ability to guard ourself from informational fuss and focus on the thing we do. Listening to music, reading, admiration of landscape picture are able to bring us enormous pleasure.

“As one cell has information about the rest of cells in our body, one moment sum up the rest of moments of our whole life”, Dominique Larue.

It means that life and happiness are here and now.

So many times (and now it also happens) I was catching myself with worries about future and expectations of “tomorrow”. Result is a lot of lost moments which I was regretting later on.

But when I manage to leave worries aside and dedicate my thoughts fully to what I do at the moment I feel every second and how it’s wonderful.

Feeling pleasure is the result of certain brain parts stimulation. To achieve it we need fully and consciously concentrate on what we do.

One of examples of such activity is sport. It’s connected with high concentration, certain thoughts and motivation. That’s why sport can bring enormous pleasure (more details about how to derive pleasure from sport and turn sport into permanent habit you can read here).

Another example is the activity which everybody do without exceptions. It’s eating. Such statement have not discovered America but you may be surprise to know that healthy food may also bring pleasure (About my way to healthy food, simple habits of healthy eating and damages of junk food you can read here).

Have you enjoyed reading? 🙂

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