Statement from previous post “we feel pleasure when our conscious is involved”.

If to talk about sport everybody experienced themself that machinlike movements of muscles doesn’t bring desired enjoyment.

“Faster, higher, stronger” is the motto of Olympic games which perfectly reflect connection between brain and muscles in sport. Those who have sport as their life affair try consciously to expand the horizons what the body can do.

The main condition to turn sport into pleasurable habit and to make it as a part of our lives is concentrated conscious activity of our muscles. It means that we need right motivation, concentration on exerсise and special feelings.

To make the thought more representative I will share my story of relationship with sport:

In my life starting from childhood one after another were ball-room and sport dancing, strip plastique, stretching, gymnastics and yoga. My objective was healthy and good-looking body and the desire to feel enjoyment from the process.

Means I had not bad motivation and even I felt satisfaction after trainings. And sometimes dancing energized me so much that I was dancing after trainings at home.

Then why there was such inconstancy, permanent search and as a result no habit to do sport? Firstly I did not have clear understanding of needed steps to achieve my goal and I was not able to measure progress. Simply I did not see progress and general goal of good looking and healthy body could not motivate me for too long.

Last discipline which I tried 5 years ago was fitness. That time goal was the same and subgoals were not specified but already I could measure progress by quantity of sets per exercise and by working weight. Still in the beginning I was pushing myself to go to the gym though I was leaving it with the feeling of satisfaction (as small step toward my goal was done, I could see progress, and the whole training I was focusing on the technics of exercises). What I was doing wrongly still?

The case was following. Thanks to the nature and good genetics I already looked good and the way to achieve my goal of good looking and healthy body I saw only in keeping good shape. I did not complicate efforts and did not polish my skills but mainly was maintaining good enough level. Simply I got bored!

Only after I consciously analyzed motivation fitness have become a habit which brings me pleasure (despite the monotonous activity in comparison with other disciplines as it may seem).

That’s why I highlight 5 main conditions which may help to make sport a part of your life:

  1. To clarify main objective and subgoals of exercises. For example main objective in fitness usually is good looking and healthy body and subgoals may be to increase stamina/relief of hands/back/nates/ABS/ and so on.
  2. To clarify suitable ways of measuring progress. It’s very important to feel progress in sport as it influence directly motivation. In case of described example way of measuring may be measuring size of parts of body and working weight/ quantity of sets etc.
  3. Concentration on exercise. It’s convenient to practice in front of mirror and see how the involved muscles working, fully control technic and visualizing the result. One girl who is a bodybuilder shared a secret: “when I’m training my nates I’m imagining how it’s growing from each movement:)”
  4. Challenge your exercises as far as current one getting boring.
  5. Constantly polish current skills and evolve new skills.

I wish everybody to have good habits!

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