I feel shame now recalling how I was eating my bigger part of life: sausages, potato, mayonnaise, juices, McDonalds.. Proteins, fat and carbohydrates were undistinct and unnecessary information on the label. And overall I did not look carefully on the label itself.

Everything has changed as I got pregnant. Healthy eating pyramid and consciousness got into my dietary intake. Already that time I wanted to give my child the best.

I excluded sausages and have started to read carefully label with ingredients trying to avoid food additives and looking for natural products. At this stage the main challenge was to visit parents where my old food habits were cherished.

Now I know from my own experience that parents have instinct to feed their kids. And looks like this instinct stays for the whole life. Very often the instinct is so strong that the question “What to give kids to feed them” doesn’t raise in parents conscious. They want to feed with anything. Consciousness is very important to teach kids healthy eating from the beginning (I would dedicate entire post for this topic).

Next stage which led me thoroughgoing way to healthy eating was my son birth and breastfeeding. Bland taste of food first months after delivery cleaned my tastebuds and showed me taste of products from different side.

When I learned about pedagogical approach to babies food I’ve started to calculate PFC, calories and acid-alkaline balance. I wanted from the very beginning to engrain good habits for my child. And the best lesson is our own example.

This is how my way to healthy eating looks like. It did not feel like forced deprivation. I feel great. Problems with the stomach have gone and I had them since teenage age. Now I really enjoy the food and my body is always full of energy which I can dedicate to my family.

I will distill the whole thing down to few simple bits of advice:

  • clearly identify your motivation (ideally it should be big idea behind and not just short term desire to loose weight)
  • do it in a piecemeal manner
  • understanding of healthy eating principles
  • plan your daily menu (it’s very important as you will be eager to eat anything when you are hungry and you have nothing right at hand)
  • avoid extremes, everything should be balanced to feel yourself comfortable (for example why not to eat piece of cake on the occasion of mom’s birthday? 🙂

Less then in three years I got into the following habits:

  • 5-6 times nutrition
  • my PFC balance is 20:20:60 (depends on your needs and your type of figure – ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph)
  • minimum 2 liters of pure water every day (water for me is almost the only drink in daily nutrition); you can add lemon juice as it’s good for maintaining acid-alkaline balance
  • dominance of complex carbohydrates in daily nutrition – rough rice, buckwheat, cereals, millet
  • a lot of vegetables, 3-4 portions per day
  • no sugar
  • only sea salt and just a bit
  • simple ingredients and simply cooking modes, minimizing of fried staff
  • olive oil with salads

I’ve found useful information for myself in the blog of mother of many children Elena Rybalchenko who is telling about sport and healthy food. There you can find some bits of advice how to eat healthy, explanations of hormones and chemical dependencies and how all these influence on our figure, interesting scientific researches notes re topic.

I wish healthy habits for everybody! 🙂

If still you are asking yourself if you should follow healthy principles of eating or not it will be interesting for you to read about scientific experiment with junk food (by the way the meaning of this term is much bigger than we get used to think. It contains not only chips and hamburgers. It is any food which don’t need cooking and has a lot of calories and a lot of unhealthy food additives. And at the same time it has very law level of healthy nutrients).


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