Those who never was attracted by nicely packed junk food are lucky people.

Scientists made comparisons of dependency on junk food with drug addiction.

In 2010 in Florida research institute scientists divided rats in three groups. They were continuing to give normal feed-staff to first group. Second group were allowed to eat bacon, sausages, fat cup cakes during one hour per day. Third group were allowed to enjoy junk food all the time they want. 

The obvious result was that third group was gaining weight very quickly. And on top of this scientists noticed that previous portion of food for rats from third group was not enough any more. Scientist directed by Paul Kenny proved firm dependency on junk food which is comparable with drug addiction. They made such conclusion based on constant monitoring of sensitivity of brain divisions which were in charge of enjoyment. 

Doctor Kenny learning point is that fat food provoke overloading of brain centers which are in charge of enjoyment. As a result those brain centers loose sensitivity and demand bigger and bigger doze of such food to reach the same level of enjoyment.

That is the explanation of our food addiction and glut of consumption. As a consequence we have nonreversible changes of organs and especially of liver and vessels.

Make a choice consciously and especially choice of what to eat and what to give kids to eat!


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