I’ve already mentioned that we can get kicks from sport. In this post I would like to focus on effectiveness as one of conditions of enjoying sport is to see progress and only effective trainings lead to progress 🙂

4 simple rules will help everybody to improve level of physical training and no matter what level of training you have currently:

  1. Before going to the gym plan your training (it can be in your head or on the paper, better on the paper). It will let you spend time in gym more effectively and follow the interval before sets 1-1,5 min as recommended (without loosing time to think what to do next, how many times and with which weight). Also it will push you psychologically to do all planned exercises (even if you don’t like some).
  2. There is a stereotype that guys train their hands and ladies train backside. Weekly plan of trainings should include exercises for all muscles groups – top, ABS, bottom. Body should evolve balanced and it may appear that even increasing weight you will not progress with targeted muscles without exercising other parts of body.
  3. It’s very important not to overweight. Sometimes we want to check our own limits or to show it to others but it will not lead to muscles growth and stamina increasing. It will exhaust the body and may burn muscles. That’s why weight should be carefully planed and increased gradually.
  4. It’s good to change from time to time variations of exercises or even angels of how we do it with the same muscles. It will help muscles to evolve harmoniously.

Another important point is eating. You should eat minimum 1,5 hours before training. You need energy to train from one side and to do exercises with the full stomach is not good. That’s why to eat before training is compulsory and it should not be later then 1,5 hour before training.

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