Already for a few years I’m paying attention to surrounding. When we go out of home we face information flow everywhere. When we are walking along the street, when we take public transport, in the shopping centers, in most of restaurant chains, in medical centers, in fitness clubs.. Producers don’t leave us alone with our own thoughts even in salons where we would like to relax. Bright colors, TVs, advertising, idle talks take our attention against our will.

Of course we have ongoing flow of different thoughts about work, problems, family.. Plus all the necessary things we put in our calendars and business plans. And do we have time to focus on our inner needs? On something which is really important for us and not stick to society trends?

If we would really do this we would not consume all the staff which we do today and most of which we don’t need in fact. If we would think more about our true priorities and values we would have a chance to act according them and be happier every moment. We would have a chance to do job which we are passionate about, to spend free time the way which makes us feel complete and not exhausted trying to catch everything trendy, to spend life with the person who we really love, respect and admire, to bring up kids the way which brings us joy.

It’s 21st century today. The century of democracy and market economy. The century of consumerism in the base of which there is a society with dictated views and needs. Doesn’t it remind you totalitarian regime which was based upon “the masses”.

“Masses were characterized as people without certain political views and interests and which were impossible to group together due to quantity and their indifference”. Arendt Hannah

Similar thing we can observe today. Modern trends determine what to buy, where to go, which dreams to have and with whom to spend life. These trends are set by producers. In totalitarian regime people also had to follow dictated social, cultural and political views. If that time the consequence for those who did not follow was terror today modern society immediately kick out such people from their social group and perceive them as strange people. It’s also true that today the way of manipulation is more exquisite and appeal to our primal drives as jealousy, competition, self-affirmation. Producers make us believe that owning staff which has certain value will make us also valuable and important.

Such manipulation is very difficult to recognize as all these delicate associations happening deeply in our mind. And then we don’t even ask ourself “do we need it?” or “do we want it?” or even “we just think that we want”.

If to think about the scope of manipulation on the glob scale it’s getting even dangerous. Today they easily tell us what to buy and tomorrow they again may dictate which races to like.

Joshua Becker is the author of books about minimalism. He quoted the survivor of Auschwitz (who made this conclusion after he had taken trip to Western Europe):

“I have come to realize that materialism holds people captive in many the same ways Communism does. Communism, by force, seeks to destroy personal identity. Materialism does the same. But materialism destroys personal identity by choice”.

That’s why people who are advocating for minimalism inspiring us “to not use our newfound freedom to acquire further bondage”.

Let’s try to be more conscious with consumption and be ourself!


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