Having properties which are not used 12 months a year make some people consider to rent their houses or apartments. And of course while renting owners would like:

  1. to be sure that their property is taken care well. To protect yourself somehow from material damage you can put a detailed conditions and consequences in the contract but this will not prevent the hairs left in the bath, shutting doors, swinging on the chairs and other actions of careless attitude to your house.
  2. that those who are renting the place really enjoying their stay and feeling comfortable there. Kind of win-win attitude which by the finishing fulfill people with pleasant feeling of self satisfaction from doing good things for others. It satisfies to certain extent the need to help others and such non material attitude generate positive energy for both sides.

I do believe that both of these aims might be reached by proper preparation of housing.

Definition of “proper” varies according to the length of renting:

  • short term renting (from few days to few months)
  • long term renting
  1. Short term renting suppose that people rent the place for vacation or business trip. In both cases nobody will bring with themselves housing attributes which are still needed or might be useful.The list of things must have:
    • kitchen: kettle, cutting board, knifes, fry pan, cooking pots, cutleries, plates for soups and for second dish, salad bowl, glasses, cups, carafe, colander, grater, corkscrew, minimal set of small cooking appliances (like ladle etc); table and a few chairs, fridge, cooking panel
    • living room: sofa and TV set
    • bedroom: bed/sofa, blanket, pillow and bedding set, wardrobe
    • toilet: set of towels, toilet paper, soup, washing mascine

    nice to have:

    • kitchen: tea, sugar, salt, pepper, pack of pasta, oil, plastic containers, kitchen hood, mixer, dish washer, coffee machine, 
    • living room: book shelves, lamp, coffee table, vacuum cleaner
    • toilet: shampoo, set of plasters for injuries + set of basic first aid, cotton pads and ear sticks, hair drier
    • for summer houses: small portable sun lounger, sun umbrella, swimming mattress
  2. Long term rent usually suppose renting the place for living. Of course the demanded furniture depends on an agreement but more often it demands only basic big equipment as the rest of the furniture people bring with them.So here the list must have is following:
    • kitchen: fridge, cooking panel, table and a few chairs
    • living room and bedroom: depends on the agreement
    • toilet: potentially washing machine

    nice to have:

    • oven, microwave, dishwasher, kitchen hood

For both long and short term renting PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES:

  • Check and remove all not working items
  • Remove all old items which are not needed. Don’t use this place as a storage of things. They clutter up the space, create negative energy and impression. Tenants will be just irritated by facing useless things and clutter even if this clutter is hidden in wardrobes and drawers.
  • Try to create warmness but don’t overdo it. Will be enough to add just one lamp and a painting in a proper place. Follow the minimalistic approach. It creates the perception of space and the air in the apartment which always leaves positive impression rather then overloaded interiors which create heaviness. 
  • Repair all the small things which needed: like licking tap, toilet, door etc.

For the idea of this post and inspiration would like to thank all my landlords from different parts of our big continent!:)


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