I’m Daria Oruzheinikova, mom of a wonderful son, friend and partner to the man of my life, daughter and sister, and even more – I’m a stepmother of three kids (even though I like more the word friend as it sounds warmer). From the other side I’m a person who is keen on order and self-organization from the early childhood. 

Since I’ve remember myself I always felt uncomfortable when I did not know where are my things as well as when there were things on my shelves which I did not use. Up today I don’t like to give to receive and to collect the knick-knacks. I try to stay with the functionality quality and aesthetic likes.

Thanks to that I’ve never had a lot of things but I always had the necessary things. Early move from my parents home with one bag luggage helped me to surround my own place only with the functional things leaving behind hereditary relics which were stored for years in a wardrobe. Later on family life challenged my minimalistic foundations and helped me to understand better needs and addictions of other people. It taught me to seek for balance.

Delivery of my son showed me new faces of myself. It allowed to feel deeply how transient precious and unique each moment is. It pushed me to go deeper in learning and understanding myself and sharpened desire to focus on really important things and stay away from information noise.

Today the rhythm of life is so fast and social expectations are so high that it’s becoming very difficult to live in a harmony with yourself.

That’s why in my view it’s especially important to center on essentials and consciousness. Such journey barely will lead to the beau ideal which by the way might be not attainable. A lot of discoveries are brought by every day. That’s why my journey to simplicity and consciousness doesn’t have final goal.

My journey is an each moment which I would like to share with you.

Please join and let’s enjoy the process together!