Are you tired of a permanent clutter at your home? You don’t know how to manage it? To meet this need grown by the century of consumption the professional organizers appeared.

Professional organizing includes:

  • analysis of your problematic spots, needs, wishes and capacities
  • action plan
  • organizing actions (sorting, decluttering, creating system of organization: where what and how, placement)
  • recommendations of special equipment for storing if needed
  • answering all the questions and explanation of basic principles of maintaining order

It will help to manage following problems:

  • you feel lack of storage space
  • you are tired of constant looking for something, stress and arguments with your family about that
  • you can’t concentrate, relax, invite guests
  • you can’t put things in order yourself
  • all the storage systems you’ve tried don’t work

My principles of organizing:

  • individualized approach
  • philosophy of minimalism and simplicity
  • simplicity and convenience of an organizing system
  • aesthetic satisfaction of a client
  • moments are more important than things

I’m ready to offer you my addiction to order and organizing!

You can ask for full house organizing or just some parts of it:

  • organizing of bedrooms
  • organizing of storages
  • organizing of living rooms
  • organizing of entrance hall
  • organizing of kitchens
  • organizing of bathrooms
  • organizing of kids room
  • organizing of playroom
  • organizing of offices

How to contact me: All questions, wishes and ideas you can send me 

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